Womens Clothes from Talented Cousins and Good Friends

Chris — May 5, 2009

This post really doesn’t have to do with anything about anything I will post on this site but it’s still worth a mention. 

My first website, that I actually made a small penny on, recently went through a redesign. Thankfully. Can’t say it was my finest moment. The new site is looking good and they just got a store online! I figured I should let whoever reads this know.

My friend Sally has been doing a great job keeping the store going and continually keeping it stocked with good stuff. If you happen to be in Portland or just passing through, take a look at Pin Me Apparel at  3705 N Mississippi Portland, OR 97227. 

And on to Talented Cousins

Oddly enough my cousin Grace just created a facebook event for herself to help her sell some stuff to finance a trip to India. She’s an amazingly talented photographer, and apparently a clothes designer too… 

So please take a look at what she has and buy something! It’s good looking stuff and it’s for a good cause.

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