Working on Making the MTA Work

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I haven’t been up to much lately. Of course, I totally haven’t done anything to keep up with my promise to blog this year. But to make up for that, here’s a new post.

I thew up a new site the other day. Some loved ones were concerned about the pending fare hikes threatening the commuting community of New York. MTA planned on increasing fares 23%. Which would have sucked. So they wanted to do their part by Boycotting the MTA, gathering names for a petition and generally rallying support against the MTA fare hike

We’re in a recession, companies are going under, people are struggling. Money is running low. It’s in higher demand than usual. We go to work every day, if we still have one, commuting anywhere from 15 minutes two a couple of hours. We do this because we have to. To get there we need either a car or some sort of public transportation.

You have a car, you can figure out a way to save. You’re expenses will be the various tolls you may or may not have to pay to get to work. And, whatever parking fees you migh have to pay. The tolls you have no control over. The car you choose to drive, it’s mileage, the quality, the price – your choice. Parking, it’s pretty much the same no matter where you go but you do have a choice. If you don’t have a car you basically have three choices: Subway, Bus or Cab. Some would say the last one isn’t even a choice, and that’s what I’ll assume (I don’t drive). 

The 23% fare hike would have been insane. Fortunately Patterson got the last two demcrats who were voting against the bailout to change their minds. They added some payroll tax, an extra cab fee and some other various things. The vote is still to happen but it’s almost guaranteed to go through. There will still be fare hikes, but not as much, and not all at once. It’s a good turn of events but I still think we’re short of the most important fix.

Fix the MTA. It’s a black hole. It won’t matter how much money they throw out it. It’s going to spend it and need more, and it’s not going to spend half of that money wisely. The whole organization needs an overhaul, there needs to be more oversight and the current people runing it need to be kicked out. 

Anyway. I’m happy they did something to help stop this insane hike.