Some New Sites!

Chris — March 1, 2012

Since I lack the ability to update with useful content I’ll update with some useful updates instead. I’ve completed a website for a friend who has just started her own business. Camilla Sandgren Product Design develops products to help people with physical disabilities. Camilla and her business partner Mikaela Andersson of Varjeda Design┬áhave gone together [...]

Categories: Web Sites

Choosing a Domain Name

Chris — March 11, 2010

A domain name is more than just your address on the internet. It’s most likely a huge part of your brand, if not your entire brand! Not only is it your virtual address but it’s also a major tool in how you’re found through search engines which, arguably, is the most important part of running a website.

I’ve tried to outline a few things you should think about and ask yourself before settling on a domain name.

Working on Making the MTA Work

Chris — May 5, 2009

I haven’t been up to much lately. Of course, I totally haven’t done anything to keep up with my promise to blog this year. But to make up for that, here’s a new post. I thew up a new site the other day. Some loved ones were concerned about the pending fare hikes threatening the [...]