This Years Goals

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It may be a little late to write this now, a resolutions post, of sorts. but I think I need it for myself.

A new year, new beginnings, you’ve heard it all before. I don’t care much for resolutions but I listened to a science Friday podcast on new years resolutions the other day and it inspired me.

They we’re talking about the rate of success for new years resolutions and believe it or not 40-46% of the people who committed to a resolution succeed for the first 6 months. Apparently that’s 10 times higher than those not making a resolution at all but still wanting to change something. So if I can increase my chance of getting something done just by making it a promise around the new year, I figure it wouldn’t hurt.

So this is what I plan on doing this year:

  1. Blog.
  2. Make something using an API.
  3. Learn a new language to develop in. Oh, and do it with the help of Apache. (that’s two in one but they’re related…)
  4. Read about, and become good at a niche in my line of work.

Now, another thing they mentioned in the podcast was that, the more you try to do at once, the less the chance you have at succeeding. So four things may be setting myself up for failure. But then, I’ve already got number one out of the way. And in order to keep up with number one I’ll have to do number two.

So, hopefully I’ll still be blogging by the time I’m 30…

Second Loop in WordPress

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Twice today I wanted, tried and failed to create a loop to list all the children pages of the current page in wordpress. Adn yes I know I could use “wp_page_menu” or “wp_list_pages” but the problem is I wanted to include custom fields in the output.

Look at my works page. I wanted each website to be a child page of work and display the content, or a custom field, as an excerpt. And to my knowledge I can’t do that with any of the page list functions. Anyone know how to do this? Making the work pages as posts isn’t really an option.

For my works page I just listed them statically. For the other attempt I had to create a MySQL query against the posts table and manually create the list. Not ideal.

So if anyone sees this and might know a solution, please drop me a line!

My Very First Post!

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This has been long in the making. My very first blog entry. As a reminder to myself I figure I should just list the things I want to accomplish with this site.

First of all, this is only a warm up. This is supposed to help me figure out how to write. I suspect it’ll take a while. So to start with I have a few things I need to do.

Finish this site

It’s fairly obvious that there are some thing to do before this should be seen by anyone. So if you’re reading this, I apologize. First up would be to get the side bar for the blog to look and work properly. Second a footer with nice little RSS icons and some copyright etc. Third, a proper “work” page. Fourth, a photo on the about page and icons for the various social sites I’m on.

And Then…

Stop making posts like this. Write as if someone else will be reading this. Thanks, and good night!